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URGH! Skateboards

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In 1982 it was the beginning of a dream for a young Brazilian and 1st generation skateboarder, Jorge Kuge created URGH! Skateboards.


URGH! was born from the need for quality products for the practice of skateboarding, skateboard accessories (shape, wheels, trucks etc ...) and for clothing (streetwear that does not exist in the Brazilian market).


From the first day of the foundation of URGH! , Kuge's involvement was endless, and due to the support and determination to this lifestyle, it led him to produce the first national professional Shape made of ivory and epoxy glass.


Being the first professional shape produced in Brazil, URGH! has gained even more notoriety since then, Kuge has promised to make a commitment to make first-rate products, without losing style, concept and convenience.


Year after year, URGH! has grew and expanded, influencing and feeding the imagination of new skaters to create their own brands, and generating a totally new market in Brazil and today established, the Skateboard market.


With the popularization of skateboarding in the underground scene, URGH! has positioned itself as a pioneer, and becoming one of the main Brazilian brands for skateboards and accessories for over 35 years.


Today, recognized nationally and on several continents, URGH has promoted many champions in all modalities, championships and events over the years, however, never losing the eternal essence of skateboarding.


In short, since 1982 and until today, the URGH! wants to have fun, follow his dream, live and feel young forever. Skateboard and understand.

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