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Eiki Martello

Skateboard prodigy boy, only 7, have fun dropping halfs and maneuvering mini ramps. Today the name Eiki Martello is a promise for the Brazilian skateboard.

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Ernesto Junior

Big name of Vale do Paraíba, Juninho is the classic Overall. Notorious for its dominance in copings and diversification of tricks. Skateboarding is your lifestyle.


Flavio Von Zuben

Master of Hardflips. Von Zuben, skater from Vinhedo, great skateboard activist in the interior of São Paulo. He likes to do complicated tricks, just watching to understand.

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Lucas Alves

Straight from Curitiba to the world. Lucas is one of the most technical skaters on the scene today.

Skateboarder with a lot of will and determination. Today, he is part of the select group of 30+ in the Street League.


Henrique Ryuji

Ryūji is a phenomenon. With only 2 years of relationship with skateboarding, Ryuji already has titles all over Brazil. It became an influence on the state of MG due to its perseverance and evolution.

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Cleo Costa

Announcer, Skateboarder and Rapper. Cleo Costa is everything an event needs. Being one of the greatest skateboard activists in Minas Gerais. There are countless the number of skate events that this guy is responsible for.


Allison de Carvalho

Professional action photographer. Allison is a handful photographer, with more than 15 years of experience, he has been recording the best "moments" of professionals and future promises of the Brazilian skateboard.


Black Donalds

Band mainly focused on Skateboard. Black Donald's is composed by Tarciso on Guitar, Renan on Bass and Luciano on Drums. The band has been gaining more and more recognition in the scene for its authoritative sounds and the best cover's for the skate session.


Lobil Skatefest

Lobil Skatefest has the best DJing for Skate sessions! From the Paraíba valley to Brazil, Lobil is essential in the main skate championships.